Mossyrock Dam.  Photo courtesy of Chad Brown, WA Department of Ecology.


Ecology is organized into four regions. The Regional Directors and Section Managers from the Water Quality, Water Resources, and Shorelands and Environmental Assistance (SEA) programs make decisions about who will work on each 401 certification. Generally, staff availability to work on the 401 dam certifications is limited. Lead staff are determined on a case-by-case basis through the regional offices. Involvement, support and expertise will include staff from other Ecology programs and the Ecology Headquarters office. The Environmental Assessment Program (EAP) may also be asked to provide technical review.

Headquarters (Lacey) Reception 360-407-6000
  Water Quality Watershed Management Section 360-407-6461
  Water Resources Policy Section Manager 360-407-6647
  Shorelines and Environmental Assistance (SEA)  
  Environmental Coordination Section Manager 360-407-6976
Northwest Regional Office Reception 425-649-7000
  Regional Manager 425-649-7010
  Water Quality Section Manager 425-649-7033
  Water Resources Section Manager 425-649-7270
  SEA Section Manager 425-649-7096
Southwest Regional Office Reception 360-407-6300
  Regional Manager 360-407-6307
  Water Quality Section Manager 360-407-6271
  Water Resources Section Manager 360-407-6058
  SEA Section Manager 360-407-0271
Eastern Regional Office Reception 509-329-3400
  Regional Manager 509-329-3516
  Water Quality Section Manager 509-329-3534
  Water Resources Section Manager 509-329-3464
  SEA Section Manager 509-329-3561
Central Regional Office Reception 509-575-2490
  Regional Manager 509-457-7100
  Water Quality Section Manager 509-457-7107
  Water Resources Section Manager 509-454-3989
  SEA Section Manager 509-574-3992


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Last updated February 2004