Water Quality Grants and Loans for State Fiscal Year 2014

(Updated Feb. 15, 2013)

Combined Funding Cycle for the Centennial, Section 319, and Revolving Fund Programs

Includes the Centennial Clean Water grant program, the Clean Water Act Section 319 grant program, and the Revolving Fund loan program

SFY 2014 Application Documents and Information


Other Information

Administrative Requirements for Recipients of Ecology Grants and Loans "Yellow Book"

Funding Program Rules:

      - Centennial Program

      - Revolving Fund

Contacts for questions regarding the funding cycle

Centennial Clean Water Program David Dunn 360-407-6503 dadu461@ecy.wa.gov
Clean Water Act Section 319 Program Alissa Ferrell 360-407-6509 alfe461@ecy.wa.gov
State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program Coordinator Shelly McMurry 360-407-7132 smcc461@ecy.wa.gov
State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program Planner Daniel Thompson 360-407-6510 dtho461@ecy.wa.gov
Environmental Review Coordinator Alice Rubin 360-407-6429 arub461@ecy.wa.gov
General Information Mindy Ballinger 360-407-6502 mbal461@ecy.wa.gov


Regional contact information

Bellingham Field Office
Christina Maginnis 360-715-5212 Activity and facility projects
Central Regional Office
Chris Coffin 509-575-2821 Activity projects
Sanjay Barik 509-454-4247 Facility projects
Eastern Regional Office
Chad Atkins 509-329-3499 Activity projects
Cynthia Wall 509-329-3537 Facility projects
Northwest Regional Office
Dave Garland 425-649-7031 Activity projects
Ken Ziebart 425-649-7164 Facility projects
Southwest Regional Office
Tammy Riddell 360-407-6295 Activity projects
Dave Dougherty 360-407-6278 Facility projects


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