Pacific County

Funding History

Starting in early 2013, Pacific County will expand the options available to low-income home owners with failing on-site sewage systems (OSS) within the county. The County is setting up a loan program that will be available to property owners county-wide.

Until now, Pacific County, in partnership with Craft3 (formerly Enterprise Cascadia), has had a limited program for repair of failing OSS. However, that program is only available to those property owners that live directly around the Willapa Bay and whose systems have the potential to affect shellfish beds. Funding for the Willapa Bay program comes from oyster reserve lands and is provided by Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Oyster Growers Association. The program is not funded through the Department of Ecology.

The new OSS loan program is funded with a combination of grant and loan funds from Ecology:


Contact Information

For information about Pacific County’s program, contact:

Faith Taylor Eldred
Environmental Health Director
(360) 875-9356

For information about the Craft3 loan program for Willapa Bay properties, contact Craft3: