On-Site Sewage Local Loan Programs funded by Ecology

Ongoing State Revolving Fund and Centennial Clean Water Act Funded Programs

Ecology has funded on-site sewage local loan programs since 1988 through the Washington Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund (SRF). Beginning in 2007, after changes in the Centennial Clean Water Act (Centennial) Rule (713-95A WAC), Ecology has awarded Centennial grants to local governments along with SRF loans. The Centennial grant funds may be used to cover the costs of running the programs, loan loss reserves, and hardship grants to low income homeowners.

Most of the OSS programs in the state are on the west side of the mountains, with properties affecting Puget Sound being targeted.

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Hood Canal Pacific County Thurston County Pierce County Island County San Juan County Skagit County Whatcom County Northeast Tri County Health District


State Fiscal Year 2006

In 2006, the Washington State Legislature set aside $4.6 million to fund an on-site sewage system (OSS) repair and replacement program for the Puget Sound region. The goals of the program were to keep area beaches and streams cleaner and allow re-opening of private and commercial shellfish beds throughout the region.

At the time the program was started, the value of homes and properties throughout Puget Sound had been increasing. However, even at that time, and more so in the years since, finding money - particularly for low-income or long-time homeowners and small businesses - has been a primary obstacle to fixing or replacing aging or failing onsite septic systems.

Ecology administered the loan (Clean Water State Revolving Fund) and grant (Centennial Clean Water) funds awarded to local governments. The local governments, in turn, provided grants and low-interest loans to homeowners and small businesses with failing OSS. The map below shows the locations of repairs made using these set-aside funds.

Important Documents:

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