Water Quality Program Funding Opportunities


Section 319 Grants

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides Section 319 grant funds to Washington State with the state required to provide 40 percent match in funding. The Section 319 program provides grants to eligible nonpoint source pollution control projects similar to the state Centennial program. This program is managed according to federal regulations and guidelines, as well as state rule and statute.

History of grant program

The United States Congress established the Section 319 program (Section 319) as part of the Clean Water Act amendments of 1987. The EPA provides Section 319 grant funds to Washington State and the State is required to provide a 40 percent match. Much of the program is steered by federal regulations and guidelines, as well as State Centennial rule. A high priority is placed on the collection of data associated with estimating pollutant load reductions for nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment in state water bodies.

Section 319 Grants - Current Funding Cycle

Applicants looking for 319 grants can apply for funds through the annual Water Quality Combined Funding Cycle and its application process, where one application would be submitted for funding consideration for the following three funding opportunities: CWSRF loans, Centennial grants or loans or 319 grants.

Applications Accepted Who’s Eligible Eligible Project Types Match Grant Limit

Annually, starting in August  and ending in October.

Apply via the current Combined Funding Cycle process. See the Funding Opportunities page for more information

  • Counties, cities, and towns
  • Special purpose districts
  • Federally recognized tribes
  • State institutions of higher education
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Agricultural best management practices
  • Education and stewardship
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Lake and restoration planning
  • Watershed planning
  • Riparian and wetlands habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Stream restoration
  • TMDL plan development and implementation
  • Wellhead protection


  • $250,000 with any combination match option
  • $500,000 with cash only match option
Alissa Ferrell
319 Fund Coordinator
Email: alissa.ferrell@ecy.wa.gov
Phone: 360-407-6509

More information

While Ecology has no specific rule to guide the management of 319, federal regulations, guidelines and Centennial rule Chapter 173-95A WAC steer much of the program.   More information can be found at www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/funding/funding.html