Water Quality Program Funding Opportunities


Stormwater Financial Assistance


Between 2006 and 2013, the State of Washington provided over $200 million dollars to local communities to prevent pollution of water bodies from stormwater and run-off from urbanized areas. These grants have come through various grant programs including the Capacity Grants, Grants of Regional or Statewide Significance (GROSS), and capital construction grants. Stormwater funding comes from a combination of state bond and hazardous substance tax dollars.

Capacity Grants are non-competitive and are awarded to holders of Phase I and Phase II NPDES Municipal permittees for activities and equipment necessary for permit implementation. Grants of Regional or Statewide Significance are competitive grants that assist permittees in completing projects that will benefit multiple permittees.

The capital grants have had several different names over the years including Low Impact Development and State Wide Retrofit, Low Impact Development Grants, and Supplemental Statewide Stormwater Grants. Beginning in CY2014/FY2016, capital stormwater grant monies will be known at the Stormwater Financial Assistance Program (SFAP). Application for these funds will be made through the annual Combined Water Quality Program Financial Assistance Program.

Funding to develop constructions plans for stormwater capital projects is available through the SFAP Pre-Construction Grants. Pre-construction funding may be available as part of the Combined program or may run as a stand-alone program.

Program Name Applications Accepted Who is Eligible Eligible Project Types Match Grant Limits

Stormwater Capacity Grants


Permitees submit grant request via EAGL

Phase I and Phase II NPDES municipal permittees Activities and equipment necessary for permit implementation

None Required

Set Biannually based on approved state budget

GROSS Typically offered in the summer or fall of odd numbered CYs
Phase I and Phase II NPDES municipal permittees Projects that provide benefits for more than one permittee None Required $300,000
SFAP Annually:
August through the second week of October
Cities, Counties

Ports after the CY14/SFY16 funding cycle

Projects that address existing pollution problems and provide a high level of water quality benefit

Refer to annual guidelines for additional details

25% Match

15% Match for communities that meet hardship criteria

$5M per community
SFAP Pre-Construction Concurrent with SFAP program.

Additional application periods may open as funding allows

Phase I and Phase II NPDES municipal permittees Green Retrofit projects

Refer to guidelines for additional details

None required Varies

Typically $250K

This table provides a general overview of Ecology Stormwater Grant Programs.  For more detailed information about the programs please consult the appropriate funding program guidelines.
Jessica Schwing
Stormwater Grants Program Coordinator
Email: jessica.schwing@ecy.wa.gov
Phone: 360-407-6216