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Grant and Loan Resources Page

The following resources apply to all Water Quality funded grant and/or loan projects.  Additional resources can be found on specific resource pages if your grant or loan are funded with:

EAGL Related Training Materials

All general EAGL related training materials are available at the general Ecology Grants and Loans web page:

Training Opportunities and Materials

Grant and Loan Administration Trainings  Click For More Information


Environmental Review

The following webpage is intended to assist with meeting environmental review requirements associated with a Water Quality Program grant or loan. Applicants may consult the Funding Guidelines to determine what environmental review requirements apply to their project.


Ecology Grant and Loan Management Guidelines  Click For More Information

Water Quality Combined Guidelines (depending on which SFY you were funded in)   Click For More Information

Maintaining Recipient Files  Click For More Information

Quality Assurance Process Planning  Click For More Information

Property Purchase Conditions and Guidance



Payment Request/Progress Report (for agreements not managed in EAGL)  Click For More Information

Backup Documentation (for agreements managed inside and outside EAGL)  Click For More Information

Closeout Report Template  Click For More Information

Stormwater Projects Agreement Materials  Click For More Information


Committees and Workgroups

Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC)  Click For More Information

Financial Assistance Council (FAC)  Click For More Information

Stormwater Funding Program Stakeholders Workgroup  Click For More Information



Location Resources


Other Funding Opportunities

Other Department of Ecology Funding

Other State Funding  Click For More Information

Other Federal Funding  Click For More Information


Reports and Surveys

Wastewater Regionalization  Click For More Information

Small Community Case Studies  Click For More Information

Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (CWNS) Program  Click For More Information