UIC Well Assessment Information and Timelines

Reminder: All UIC wells have to be registered with Ecology except for UIC wells located on Tribal land. Wells located on tribal land need to be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. UIC wells only need to be registered once. See registration webpage for registration time lines at www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/grndwtr/uic/registration/reg_info.html.
Floor drain injection well.  Photo courtesy of EPA, Region 10.


Who needs to complete a well assessment?

What is the purpose of a well assessment?

When do the well assessments have to be completed?

How do we complete a well assessment?

What can industrial or commercial facilities use in place of a well assessment?

What types of wells are considered a high threat to ground water in the UIC program?

What are owners required to do for UIC wells identified as a high threat to ground water?

What does "retrofit" mean?


The Stormwater Management Manuals for Eastern and Western Washington describe the BMPs for source control and treatment. The manuals can be found at www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/stormwater/tech.html.

UIC well closure requirements are described in 173-218-120, and can be found at 173-218-120.



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Last updated May 2016