Storm drain photo.Guidance for UIC Wells That Manage Stormwater Activities


Final Guidance for UIC Wells that Manage Stormwater (revised February 2006)
(previously titled "Draft Technical Guidance for Using UIC Wells to Manage Stormwater", July 2005)

The purpose of this document is to provide design and pretreatment best management practices (BMPs) for UIC wells, built on or after February 3, 2006, that receive roof runoff or are used along roads, and parking areas.


As part of the UIC rule revision process, a UIC rule advisory committee was established. From that committee, a subcommittee and the Eastern Washington Stormwater Manual Committee developed the draft Guidance for Stormwater Management using UIC wells. The document received statewide stakeholder input and public review and then was published as interim guidance in the Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington (SMMEW).

A decision was made that the guidance should not just be available for eastern Washington, but should be available statewide. Therefore, the draft interim guidance was revised to include statewide issues and was included as part of the public review of the UIC Rule that occurred July 6 – September 15, 2005. Additional public comments were heard and considered at public workshops in March 2006.

The final guidance will be used statewide and published independently as guidance to the UIC Rule implementation.

Besides technical changes listed below, Ecology reformatted the guidance to make it more user friendly. The primary technical changes to the guidance from the Eastern Stormwater Manual version are:

Please check back for future updates on the Stormwater guidance.

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