Floor drain injection well.  Photo courtesy of EPA, Region 10.

Underground Injection Control Program

Recommendations for Injection Well Closure

UIC Closure Form

  1. Stop using the well for disposal of fluids. Immediately install a temporary plug in the surface opening of the well so it can not be used while waste in the system is evaluated.
  2. Register the well as temporarily abandoned with Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program, c/o UIC Coordinator, WA Department of Ecology, PO Box 47600, Olympia, WA 98504-7600.
  3. Characterize and/or test all liquids, sludge and solids in the disposal system for Dangerous Waste Characteristics following the state Dangerous Waste Regulations (Chapter 173-303 WAC) and dispose of appropriately per your findings.
  4. Assess the well for hazardous waste contamination using the results of the disposal system characterization. Sample and test as necessary.
  5. If contamination is found, investigate, clean up and close the site as an Ecology Supervised Remedial Action or Independent Remedial Action (Chapter 173-340 WAC). Abandon the well following the site cleanup plan. For independent cleanup actions, develop a well abandonment plan and submit it to the UIC program for approval prior to well abandonment.
  6. Plug existing drains, or reroute discharges to a holding tank or approved sewer connection.
  7. Plug and abandon the well if contamination is not found. Plugging should use a surface seal to prevent contamination of deeper aquifers and seals on all other aquitards (impervious zones) to prevent cross aquifer contamination. Drilled wells should follow well abandonment procedures in the Minimum Standards for Construction and Maintenance of Wells (Chapter 173-160 WAC). Dug wells should use good engineering practices that meet the surface seal requirement and future use requirements for the site. Pre-approval of non-contaminated wells is not required, but advice will given if you request it.
  8. Send a notice of permanent abandonment to the UIC Program.

Call Mary Shaleen Hansen, WA Department of Ecology, UIC Coordinator at 360.407.6143 or your regional Department of Ecology office if you have any questions.


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Last updated February 2013