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Nonpoint Pollution from Agriculture

Farmed Smart Partnership

Farmed Smart graphic from the Direct Seed Association: by 2017 the program will include 11 miles of stream, 44 certified farms, 110,000 acres of cropland

Farmed Smart is a voluntary program for growing dryland crops in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

We collaborated with the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association, an organization representing direct-seed producers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, to develop the certification for Washington farms. This unique approach is a win for farms and environmental health.

Farms that achieve and maintain certification by a third party examiner can receive safe harbor from Ecology’s water pollution regulations for practices related to dryland crop farming. Certification criteria are built in a way that gives us the confidence that, when applied, the environment is being protected.

Certified farms have the flexibility to choose which practices best fit producers needs while protecting environmental values. Certified farms are applying agricultural practices including:

  • Planting practices like direct seed significantly reduce erosion and keeps soil in the fields.
  • Buffers and grass filter strips on streams, and rivers protect water quality and aquatic habitat.
  • Precision agriculture technology reduces chemical and fertilizer use and the potential for those chemicals to reach water.
  • Eliminating crop burning (except under rare circumstances) helps maintain healthy air quality.

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More information about the Farmed Smart Program

Last updated July 2016