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Hazardous Materials and Recycling

Safely dispose of used oil and filters, batteries, unused paint, solvents, antifreeze and other chemicals at your county hazardous waste collection site.

Find oil recycling locations at:

Or use the 1-800-RECYCLE hotline database and search used oil collection sites:

Buy only what you need, select less-toxic products and recycle.


U.S. Coast Guard regulations prohibit dumping of plastic refuse, and garbage mixed with plastic, into any waters.

  • Keep your trash on board and out of the water. This includes anything from cigarettes to food garbage/packaging. Take advantage of shore-side facilities to recycle plastic, glass, metal, and paper.
  • Never discard fishing line, Styrofoam, plastics, or cigarette butts into the water. These products take forever to break down in the marine environment, and are harmful to seabirds and other marine creatures.
  • Keep several litter bags aboard and discard full ones at the marina dumpster or in your home rubbish.
  • Minimize the chance of trash accidentally flying overboard by reducing the amount of trash you bring on board. Buy products that use less packaging. Remove additional packaging from products before you take them onto your boat. When trash accidentally falls overboard, go back and get it (if it is safe to do so).
  • Use reusable containers whenever possible. Try to buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging you need to discard. Choose products sold in recycled and recyclable containers.
  • Recycle paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and fishing line whenever possible, and encourage marinas to offer recycling facilities.

Report all spills to 800-OILS-911 and 800-424-8802