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Be a good steward of our waters
Boat owners play an important role in protecting water quality while they enjoy the water and when they repair and maintain their investment.

As little as a quart of oil, diesel, or gasoline can contaminate acres of water and shellfish beds, and can prove deadly to all forms of aquatic life.

Most boat hulls used in marine waters are coated with soft toxic paints (ablative and sloughing) that contain toxic chemicals, like copper, that poison aquatic life. In 2018, antifouling paint containing copper will be phased out of use on recreational boats.

Sewage holding tanks, when improperly released, threaten the health of people playing in the water or on beaches.

Soaps and detergents that boaters might be tempted to use over water are also toxic to aquatic life, especially to our threatened and endangered salmon.

If you own a boat, you have responsibilities. Be a Clean, Green boater. Learn more about your role here!

Report all spills to 800-OILS-911 and 800-424-8802


NEW 7/21/2016 Read our petition to EPA to make Puget Sound a no-discharge zone for vessel sewage

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