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Proposed Puget Sound No Discharge Zone for vessel sewage

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reviewed our petition and has determined that a no discharge zone can be established for Puget Sound. EPA found that there are adequate facilities in the Puget Sound for vessels to pump out their sewage and Washington state may move forward with a designation. With EPA’s approval in place, we will be initiating rulemaking to make Puget Sound off limits to vessel sewage. > NDZ status and next steps

What is a No Discharge Zone?

A No Discharge Zone (NDZ) is a designated body of water where the discharge of sewage from boats, whether treated or not, is prohibited.
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Ecology Issues Final Petition to EPA

On July 21, 2016, Ecology issued a final petition to EPA.
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Direct discharges from vessels can magnify Puget Sound’s unique sensitivity to pollution.

EPA's approval of our petition clears the way for us to begin rulemaking to establish a NDZ in Puget Sound.

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Quick facts and answers to questions about the NDZ.