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Proposed Puget Sound No Discharge Zone for vessel sewage

What is a No Discharge Zone?

A No Discharge Zone (NDZ) is a designated body of water where the discharge of sewage from boats, whether treated or not, is prohibited.
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Our proposal to EPA

In 2014, Ecology released a draft petition to EPA for public comment and received a vast majority of comments in favor of an NDZ.
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Commercial Vessel Pumpout: NEP Grant Funding Solicitation

Time to Apply Extended: Ecology is soliciting applications for National Estuary Program (NEP) grant funding for commercial vessel sewage disposal facilities or pumpout stations in Puget Sound. It is designed to assist in the installation of commercial pumpout stations to support sewage pumpout for certain commercial vessels.
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proposed no discharge zone map

Direct discharges from vessels can magnify Puget Sound’s unique sensitivity to pollution.

We have been evaluating the appropriateness and feasibility of establishing an NDZ in Puget Sound to protect water quality and public health.

An NDZ petition must include documentation of the environmental need and the availability of vessel sewage disposal services. Read the reports and studies for the proposed NDZ.

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