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Nonpoint Pollution from Forestry

Nonpoint Pollution from Forestry

Increased sedimentation and water temperature are historically the greatest problems associated with forestry. These problems are mostly caused by improper road construction and maintenance, and by careless timber harvesting next to streams.

Application of the Forest Practice Rules to Protect Water Quality

The rules preserve trees in streamside areas to shade the streams, which keeps them cool, and provide the woody debris that builds in-stream salmon habitat. They also require road construction and maintenance to help prevent stream silting, provide protection for wetlands, and set restrictions on pesticide use.

Watershed Restoration Initiative (Forest Roads)

State government, treaty Indian tribes in western Washington, and many conservation groups have joined forces to obtain federal funding for the maintenance and decommissioning of abandoned and deteriorating national forest roads in Washington.

Environment and Economy: Jobs in the Woods

Washington State is creating jobs in rural areas that will put people to work immediately.

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Last updated December 2011