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Washington State's Plan to Control Nonpoint Pollution

In 2000, Washington State developed a statewide plan called Washington's Water Quality Management Plan to Control Nonpoint Sources of Pollution (Plan).  The purpose of this Plan is to protect our natural resources from nonpoint pollution. The Plan, updated in 2005, is developed through a collaborative effort involving a wide range of agencies. The Plan

We learned many lessons from previous implementation activities. The most important lesson learned during the first five years of nonpoint plan implementation was the importance of fostering relationships at the local level. We also learned that the majority of nonpoint source pollution is generated through local land use activities. To control polluted runoff state and federal agencies, local governments, tribes, special purpose districts, and citizens all need to work together.  The Plan captures these lessons and builds on them by developing a set of activities that promote connections and relationships.


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Last updated September 2007