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Take a pledge to protect our waters...
Take a pledge to protect our waters

What You Can Do

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Improving water quality requires each of us to get involved and take action. There are many opportunities to participate in this effort in the state of Washington.

Simple things we can all do to help protect water quality:

More Ideas

Get Involved Locally

Listed below are some examples of opportunities to participate in water quality improvement. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list.

See Ecology's Public Involvement Calendar to find out about public meetings, workshops, hearings, and comment periodsin your area. The Public Involvement Calendar is designed to engage the public in Ecology’s decision-making process.

Restoration Projects

Volunteer Monitoring

To find out about stream, creek or lake monitoring projects in your area contact your local Stream Team, city or county government or Washington State University Extension office.

Check out Ecology's Environmental Education page for more volunteer opportunities.

How to Learn More

Public Education Opportunities
(Meetings, conferences, workshops)

None at this time.

Let us know if you spot a problem!

Click on the area you're interested in on the map below:

Water Resource Inventory Area and County Map of Washington State



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Last updated January 2013