Forms and Guidance Documents


NEW 8/1/2016 Level One Response Form, Boatyard General Permit

NEW 8/1/2016 Level One Response Form (June 2016) - For only those permittees with an Ecology-approved Electronic Reporting Waiver

NEW 8/1/2016 Example of a Completed Level One Response Form (July 2016)

Request for a Conditional No Exposure Exemption

NEW 8/1/2016 Request for an Electronic Reporting Waiver

Request for Permittee Name Change

NEW 8/1/2016 Request to Terminate Coverage

Request to Transfer Permit Coverage


NEW 8/1/2016 Annual Schedule of Discharge Monitoring and Reporting (August 2016)

Requirements for the Engineering Report to Support a Level Three Response (August 2016)

Outlined Requirements for a Level Three Engineering Report (July 2016)

Boatyard Stormwater Treatment Technology Study (March 2008) - This publication is available online only

Chemical Characterization of Stormwater Runoff from Three Puget Sound Boatyards (December 2006)

Analysis of Treatment System Performance (February 2006)

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Pollution Prevention for Washington State Marinas (2017)

Example Template of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (2012) This template was prepared by the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) for use by its boatyard members. NMTA has granted the Department of Ecology permission to make this form available to all interested parties.

How To Do Stormwater Sampling, A guide for industrial facilities (March 2010)

Examples of Stormwater Pollution Plan Worksheets (2007)

Example of a Boatyard Inspection Checklist (April 2007)

Vacuum Grinders (2007)

Resource Manual for Pollution Prevention in Marinas, (May 1998) - (presently being updated)

Frequently Asked Questions


Boatyard General Permit (May 18, 2011)

Best Management Practices for Boatyards (February 2007)