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Boatyard General Permit

Ecology issued the Boatyard General Permit

Tier II Antidegradation Plan - Ecology accepted written comments on the Boatyard Tier II Antidegradation Analysis Plan for the Boatyard General Permit from November 17, 2010, through December 17, 2010. Comments and responses are included in the Response to Comments above.

Ecology conducted an Economic Impact Analysis to determine small business impacts and also to determine the economic feasibility of various stormwater treatment options.  Ecology received Public Comments on the Economic Impact Analysis.

Previous Permit (effective 1/19/08-6/1/11)
Fact Sheet Addendum

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Boatyard General Permit (effective 06/01/11)

Boatyards Currently Permitted (03/9/11)

Permit Application for Coverage

Public Notice Template

Change Request Form

Clean, Green Boating

Electronic Reporting/

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