Permit and Reporting Information System (PARIS)

The Department of Ecology's water quality permit database contains information and generates reports about National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits and State Waste Discharge Permits. This system manages all permit types (expect aquatic permits) and can accommodate multiple permits for a facility. A wide range of permit information is available in the system including: numeric limits for permits; discharge locations (outfalls); discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) submitted by permittees; permit and other documents; inspections; violations; and enforcement actions. PARIS enables users to query, view and download reports. PARIS has a direct connection to another web application WQWebDMR (formerly WAWebDMR) which both Ecology staff and permittees use to enter DMRs. PARIS and WQWebDMR replaced WPLCS (Water Quality Permit Life Cycle System) in spring 2010

Permitted facilities may have an individual municipal or industrial discharge permit, and/or may have coverage under of a variety of wastewater discharge general permits. These permits include stormwater (industrial and construction), sand and gravel coverages, boatyard, fruit packer and others. State Waste Discharge Permits are also managed in this database for discharges to ground, and public or private wastewater treatment plants.

When Ecology moved its permit data from the old database system, WPLCS, some data was not migrated. If a facility or project no longer had an active water quality permit as of April 2010 the inactive permit(s) were not included in PARIS. They remain in WPLCS which is available for searches and downloads. However, no updates on permits have been made to that system since April 2010.

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