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About the WQWebPortal

What is the Water Quality Permitting Portal?

The WQWebPortal is the one stop site for all electronic water quality permit submissions.  It allows users a single sign-on for all of their e-permit actions. Users can access and reference their electronic submissions at the WQWebPortal site at anytime.

Filling in data electronically guarantees receipt of the data; provides instant submission as compared to mailing paper submissions, and reduces time lags to receive approval of the application information. The data will be more accurate because what you type is entered into the system.

At this time, a number of data entry components are available in the WQWebPortal. In the future, additional functions (applications/data submittals) will be added, eventually incorporating all water quality permitting on-line data entry business.  As of June 20, 2012, the following can be accessed through the WQWebPortal:

Is my information secure?

Yes, to access the Portal you must register for Secure Access Washington, a statewide security system for on-line data entry.  Only you can access your personal information and your password.  For additional information: http://support.secureaccess.wa.gov/

About the electronic signature

You can complete the submittal process including signing the submittal if you have an electronic signature account through the WQWebPortal. According to both state and federal law, the legal responsible party must sign a paper form (Electronic Signature Account Form – ESAF) and send that form to Ecology (Ecology must receive the paper form with the original signature).  Authority to use an electronic signature is given by facility and/or permit.  If you want to sign submittals for another permit/facility you must request an amendment to your ESAF.  The ESAF can contain a designee (Signer) as an alternate person to sign submittals.

Am I required to sign electronically?

Yes and No

If submitting a permit or certification application through the Portal you can send a signature page to Ecology via USPS.   During the step ‘signing the document’ you will have the option to use an electronic signature (if you have one) or send the signature page to Ecology.

If, however, you regularly submit data on the permit (Discharge Monitoring Reports –DMRs or other permit submittals) an electronic signature authority is needed and must be approved through the Portal.

How do I find out more?

More information is available on the About WQWebDMR page or contact us at: WQWebPortal@ecy.wa.gov or call 1-800-633-6193/Option 3