About WQWebDMR

Facilities with an NPDES or State Waste Discharge permit are required to monitor the discharge from their facilities and to submit reports to Ecology about this discharge. These reports, known as DMRs or Discharge Monitoring Reports, include information about the quantity of pollutants released into the environment. The report requirements differ by permit type and receiving water body.

WQWebDMR allows all permit DMR data types (except for aquatics) to be entered  into a secure online system. It contains validation routines so users can verify data accuracy and provides a message when permit requirements have not been met. Once submitted, the system automatically generates and emails a report.

Steps for WQWebDMR Sign Up:

Register for Water Quality Permitting Portal (WQWebPortal) - in 3 easy steps

  1. Sign up for a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account

Click “sign up” below. Complete the sign up sequence to create a unique User ID & Password. Enter your information including your name and email address. You will receive an email confirmation. Click on the link in the email.

Sign Up for a SecureAccess Washington account

Add Service for WQWebPortal

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About SecureAccess...

  1. Add service for WQWebPortal

Login to SecureAccess Washington. Under “Add a new Service,” look for “Water Quality Permitting Portal (WQWebPortal).” Click “Apply” in the left column.

  1. Go to WQWebPortal

Login to SecureAccess Washington. Under “Add a New Service” select Department of Ecology, then select Water Quality Permitting Portal (WQWebPortal). Click on the Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) link on the portal home page to submit data.

Step by step instructions: How to Register for WQWebDMR (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the use of WQWebDMR mandatory?

A: Ecology encourages permittees to use WQWebDMR. Currently the Construction Stormwater general permit and the Industrial Stormwater general permit require permittees to submit DMRs electronically with some limited exceptions. As Ecology reissues both general and individual permits it is including permit conditions requiring the use of WebDMR. To obtain an exception under the stormwater permits, the permittee must apply for a waiver. If you have questions on construction and industrial stormwater permit WebDMR waivers please refer to the contact information below.

Q: Is WQWebDMR secure?

A: WQWebDMR meets EPA’s security standards (CROMERR) and also complies with Secure Access Washington, thus it is a secure system.

Q: Is there training on how to sign up and use WQWebDMR?

A: Ecology provides instruction for new users. Email and phone assistance is available (see Contacts page). Contact us if you would like in person instruction. Currently, we do not have any upcoming trainings planned.

Q: How can I enter my DMR data?

A: The WQWebDMR system has been designed to accommodate each unique DMR and facility’s situation. As such, WQWebDMR allows facilities to enter DMR data in three different ways. These are:

For additional information

WQWebDMR User Guide: Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports (Ecology publication)

WQWebDMR Contacts