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Winery General Permit Public Involvement

Public Involvement in Permit Development

We are relying on a variety of resources to ensure the general permit is as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible. To assist with this process, we invite you to contact Stacey Callaway and share your questions and ideas. Additionally, we will release a preliminary draft and a formal draft of the winery general permit before it is issued in the winter of 2017. We encourage you to submit comments about the winery general permit so we can improve the drafts and make a final permit that protects water quality and meets the needs of the wine industry.

Technical Advisory Group

Ecology and the Washington State Wine Institute assembled a technical advisory group of winery owners, sewage treatment plant operators, and various wine association members to assist with the development of this general permit. We feel the group is more effective if there aren’t more than 20 members. We do recognize that the project can benefit from the expertise of individuals not part of the group and might ask for their participation when we discuss certain topics. If you would like to contribute information about a specific topic, please contact Stacey Callaway.


April – November 2016 Meet with the Technical Advisory Group and visit wineries
February 2017 Meet with the Technical Advisory Group
April 11, 2017 Release the Preliminary Draft and Fact Sheet of the Winery General Permit
  • Post on website, send to the listserv
  • 60-day informal public comment period
June 11, 2017 Last day to submit comments on the Preliminary Draft of the Winery General Permit and Fact Sheet
June-July 2017 Meet with the Technical Advisory Group
August 2017 Release the Formal Draft of the Winery General Permit
  • Post on website, send to the listserv
  • 45-day formal public comment period
August 2017 Hold public hearing(s)
December 2017 Issue the final Winery General Permit

This schedule subject to change


Stacey Callaway



Lake Chelan winery, photo courtesy of VineLines

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