Information on Ecology's Water Quality Permit Life Cycle System (WPLCS)

WPLCS System Overview

Ecology's Water Quality Permit Life Cycle System (WPLCS) contains information about individual or general permits.  Permitted facilities may be covered under individual municipal or industrial discharge permits, or under one of a variety of wastewater discharge general permits, which include the stormwater industrial and stormwater construction permits.

The WPLCS database includes information related to permits managed by Ecology's four regional offices and to permits managed on a statewide basis. These include about 35 major dischargers handled by the Industrial Section, and the stormwater industrial and stormwater construction permits managed by the Stormwater Unit.

This database holds huge amounts of information on a wide variety of aspects of permit management, including permit lists and facility information, the discharge monitoring reports (DMRs), permit limit information, and a wide variety of other management information.

Some of the most commonly requested information (permit lists / facility information) is posted online, and updated on a monthly basis. Further data requests may be made under the Freedom of Information Act (see below).

Getting Data Online

The information available here is the most requested by local governments, lawyers, engineers, consultants and other businesses, non-profit groups, and individuals.  The data presented is general information about all permitted facilities, including facility type and location information, permit type and status information, and contact information.  Information is accurate if permittees have provided us with up-to-date and accurate information.

Please use the link provided to access an online search and report tool. WPLCS Online Data (WPLCS is for historical data. Newer data can be found in PARIS.)

Requesting data which is not available online

For technical assistance, contact:

Jaimi Gerber
Water Quality Program
Washington State Dept. of Ecology
Post Office Box 47600
Olympia WA 98504-7600
To request copies of public records from Ecology, go to the Public Records Disclosure webpage at