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Aquatic Pesticide Permits

Our state has a strong permitting program and a long history of protecting water quality by carefully controlling and managing the use of aquatic pesticides. We provide a third layer of environmental protections over those required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the state Department of Agriculture pesticide regulations.

The kinds of protections include:

  • When, where, how and the amount and type of aquatic pesticides that can be applied.
  • Specific monitoring and reporting to evaluate compliance

We also require public notification which is not required by pesticide regulations.

Thumbnail of Flowchart for determining which pesticide permit is needed for freshwater plant and algae control or nutrient inactivation
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What permit do you need for freshwater plant and algae control or nutrient inactivation? - Use this flow chart to determine what NPDES permit you need for freshwater use of herbicides, physical plant control methods, nutrient inactivation products, or biocontrols in Washington.

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Aquatic Pesticide GENERAL Permits:

Aquatic Pesticide INDIVIDUAL Permits:

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