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Algae Control Program

Grants for Freshwater Algae Management

The Freshwater Algae Program provides funding for groups working to manage or control algae in water bodies that have had toxic algae blooms within the last three years. This program was established in 2005 by the Washington State Legislature

NOTE: All Ecology grants and loans are now required to go through our new EAGL system.

Please use the EAGL system to apply for Freshwater Algae Program Grants. You must set up a SAW (Secure Access Washington) account and have your registration approved, before you can apply for a grant. The Freshwater Algae Program grant application period will open from
October 1, 2016 to November 15, 2016 for fiscal year 2018 grants.

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Freshwater Algae Program Documents

Freshwater Algae Control Grants

Aquatic Weeds Management Fund


In 2005, the Washington State Legislature established funding for an algae control program and asked the Washington Department of Ecology to develop the program. A status report is submitted to the Legislature every two years.
> See the biennial Aquatic Algae Control Program Legislative Reports: 2009-2011 | 2007-2009 | 2005-2007 |

Ecology began funding small grants to local governments in fall 2007. The Washington Department of Health (DOH) has developed statewide recreational guidelines for cyanobacterial toxins under a grant provided by Ecology to help local governments make decisions about when to post health advisories and when to close waters to recreation. DOH has also developed educational signs and outreach materials about algae blooms.

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