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Algae Control Program

Grants for Freshwater Algae Management

The Freshwater Algae Program provides funding for groups working to manage or control algae in water bodies that have had toxic algae blooms within the last three years. This program was established in 2005 by the Washington State Legislature

new content NOTE: All Ecology grants and loans are now required to go through our new EAGL system.

Please use the EAGL system to apply for Freshwater Algae Program Grants. You must set up a SAW (Secure Access Washington) account and have your registration approved, before you can apply for a grant. The Freshwater Algae Program grant application period is open from Oct 1st to Nov 15th for fiscal year 2016 grants.

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Freshwater Algae Program Documents

Previous Freshwater Algae Control Grants:

For more information:

Lizbeth Seebacher
Phone: 360-407-6938

Join Ecology's Freshwater Algae Program Listserv

Ecology has set up a listserv for freshwater algae. The Freshwater Algae Program Listserv will act as an information exchange and discussion forum about freshwater algae in Washington. A listserv is a program that allows people to send email to one address, which automatically resends that message to all of the other subscribers on the list. If you would like to join the list, click here for directions on how to subscribe to the list.

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