Fiscal Year 2001 Grant Applications Proposed for Funding



Project Title

Proposed Grant Amount

Bremerton  Kitsap Lake Water Quality Improvement Project $  31,500
Lewis County Brazilian Elodea Eradication - Chehalis River $  60,000
Pacific Conservation District Loomis Lake Eurasian Watermilfoil Control  $  75,000 1
Skagit County Erie/Campbell Lakes Plan Implementation $  40,000 2
University of Washington Weevil Performance  $  20,000 3
Wahkiakum County Wahkiakum Aquatic Weed Control Plan $  30,000
 Dept. Fish & Wildlife Chehalis River Purple Loosestrife Control $  27,260
Yakima Co. Weed Board Purple Loosestrife Education and Awareness $    6,158
Total   $289,918
  1. Amount offered is increased to accommodate increased management activities to control Brazilian elodea introduced to the system after the milfoil plan was developed. 

  2. Funding provided for year one for milfoil eradication and education.

  3. Funding provided for Element 3 of the project proposal - Analysis of weevil information from Washington and other states and for project reporting.