The Washington Lake Book

This site is a starting point for people who are concerned about their lake's future. It will help you understand lakes, their watersheds, and the causes, effects, and solutions to water quality problems. It also will help you recognize the warning signs of lake problems, tell you how you can help protect and manage your lake, as well as who can help you.


  Chapter 1 - Lake Characteristics  
  Chapter 2 - Lake Problems    
  Chapter 3 - Watershed Management    
  Chapter 4 - Shoreline Management    
  Chapter 5 - Lake Management    
  Chapter 6 - Permits    
  Chapter 7 - Lake Organizations    
  Chapter 8 - Sources of Money    
  Chapter 9 - References  
  Washington Lake Protection Association (WLPA)


Washington is fortunate to have more than 7,800 lakes, which provide a variety of recreational opportunities as well as a diversity of ecological habitats. Many Washington residents recognize these opportunities and live close to a lake.

Yet, our lakes face an uncertain future. You or your friends may have witnessed the decline of a good fishing lake, the takeover of a lake by aquatic plants, the development of a lake's shoreline, or the decreased clarity of a favorite swimming lake.

Shoreline clearing, watershed development, and pollution are just some of the problems causing the degradation of our lakes.

These problems, which have been building for years, come at a time of increased public awareness of the importance of lakes and also at a time of reduced government resources. Degradation of our lakes cannot only be a concern for government. Lakes and their beneficial uses can and must be protected, and citizens like you must become part of the solution.