Lake Leland Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan


Whenever a project of this scope takes place, there are numerous people to thank.

The Leland Aquatic Plant Management Plan is the result of many, many hours of work contributed by a dedicated group. We offer our thanks to each and everyone of you: to county, state, and federal staff; to the Leland and local communities; and to those business consultants who gladly provided information. We apologize if we have inadvertently missed anyone in the following list:

The Leland Community

Don Case, Joanne Peterson, Doug Barley, George Bauer, Linda Bauer, Jim Munn,
Bruce Munn, Hector Munn, Lowell Davis, Kevin Wright, Paul Wilcox, JerryWelch, Candy Garrison, Sammie Kay, Jan Jensen, Donna Jensen, Elmer Hughes Jan Lemons, Ted Hunter, Chris Novello

Other Community Volunteers

Rex Long, Bruce Marston, Linda Gately, Roger Short, Shawn Beggio, David Scott

State Agency Staff

Kathy Hamel,  Jenifer Parsons, Kirk Smith, Department of Ecology
Dan Collins, Scott Bonar, Department of Fish and Wildlife

Jefferson County Staff

David Christensen, Environmental Health, Lauren Mark, Development Review Division, Warren Steurer, Parks and Recreation

Federal Agency Staff

US Forest Service, Quilcene District, Ben Kizer, Steve Ricketts, Scott Schreier


John Haas, Resource Renewal, Inc., Terry McNabb, Resource Management, Inc., Peter Bahls, Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, Al Latham, Jefferson County Conservation District

We would also like to sincerely thank Ina Danielson and Bob Bergeron of ARC (Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities and their Families of Kitsap and Jefferson Counties) for not only generously providing their facilities at Lake Leland for our meetings, but also for contributing the delicious refreshments.

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