Lake Leland Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan


At its first meeting in November of 1997, the Leland steering committee developed a set of goals for the Lake Leland Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan (IAPMP). These goals were formulated after discussion which took into account the lake and its characteristics, the Leland community, and all associated costs. The goals are outlined as follows:

  • Reduce and then maintain Brazilian elodea at as low a density as is environmentally and economically feasible.
  • Reduce reed canary grass in Leland Creek.
  • Reduce yellow flag iris along the lake shoreline.
  • Seek a balanced approach for treatments. Take into consideration all beneficial uses including the domestic water source, recreational use, the fishery, and wildlife habitat.
  • Develop and begin implementation of an educational plan that will reduce the chances of Brazilian elodea spreading to other lakes.
  • Develop and begin implementation of an aquatic survey of all lake vegetation.
  • Continue lake water quality monitoring and data collection for baseline information.
  • Seek funding mechanisms in order to continue long term control of invasive aquatic plants. 

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