Lake Leland Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan *

December 1998

Prepared by Susan Taylor and Glenn Gately
Resource Technicians
Jefferson County Conservation District

Lake Leland Steering Committee

Funded by Washington Department of Ecology and Jefferson Parks and Recreation

Table of Contents


List of Figures and Tables

Executive Summary

Problem Statement

Aquatic Plant Management Goals

Watershed and Lake Characteristics

Aquatic Plant Characterization

Public Involvement

Aquatic Plant Control Alternatives

Physical Controls
Mechanical Controls
Biological Controls
Chemical Controls
No Action Alternative
Preventative Techniques

Integrated Treatment Action Plan


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APPENDICES (not included on the Internet version of the plan)

A. Leland Creek Drain Problem
B. Steering Committee Meetings
C. Natural Heritage Program
D. Public Involvement
E. Instructions for Building/Installing Bottom Screens
F. Blueprint for a Lake-friendly Landscape

* The Jefferson County Conservation District chose to conduct water quality sampling (not a requirement by Ecology for integrated plans) because grass carp was a possible option for control. The plant sampling was also more rigorous than required by Ecology guidelines. The requirements for obtaining a grass carp permit for public lakes include collecting lake water quality data and plant biomass data.

The Lake Leland Plan is available at the Department of Ecology Library, the State Library, and the Jefferson County Conservation District.

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