Homeowner Local Control Options

Actions suitable for milfoil control in a limited area include:

Waterbodies suitable for homeowner local control options:

Waterbodies suitable for individual home owner control options include lakes or ponds heavily infested with milfoil, where there has not been a comprehensive or lake-wide milfoil management plan developed and implemented. Or, where a plan has been developed and it calls for homeowner control. In these situations it is up to each homeowner, at their expense, discretion, and with proper permitting, to remove milfoil from their lake front property. Some of these methods may not be suitable in waterbodies experiencing an early infestation of milfoil because fragments may be created and cause increased spread.

Many of these methods offer only temporary relief because milfoil fragments will drift in from adjacent unmanaged areas and invade the cleared area. Some actions, for example cutting, raking, and hand pulling, need to be repeated at intervals during the summer to maintain milfoil-free areas. Methods, such as installing bottom barriers (if kept maintained) or installing a weed roller (if operated on a regular basis), may offer longer term control. Spot treatment with aquatic herbicides may result in adjacent waters being inadvertently treated through drift. It is important to talk with neighbors to ensure that they are comfortable with the idea of chemical treatment before proceeding with any herbicide applications.

Description of methods:

All of these methods, their impacts, and permitting requirements have been described in detail on the Department of Ecology website. Click on each topic below for more information.

Manual Methods

Bottom barriers

Weed Roller®

Diver Dredging

Spot treatment with herbicides

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