Pesticides to Control Aquatic Plants and Algae

Aquatic Pesticide Permits Information
Aquatic pesticide NPDES permits for Washington (noxious weeds, aquatic plants and algae, irrigation, mosquito, etc.).
Risk Assessments and the Aquatic Plant Management Environmental Impact Statement for Washington
Risk assessments and environmental impact statements for the aquatic use of 2,4-D, endothall, diquat, and triclopyr.
Aquatic herbicide residue monitoring after aquatic herbicide application in lakes
Information about herbicide concentrations and other environmental data collected from Washington's lakes after herbicide treatment for noxious weed control.
A Process for Evaluating Pesticides in Washington State Surface Waters for Potential Impacts to Salmonids
This paper describes the pesticide evaluation process that will be used to screen the approximately 750 pesticide active ingredients that are currently registered in Washington State.
An Innovative Approach to Applying Aquatic Herbicides
See how the Mason Lake group are using "tents" to contain aquatic herbicides over small infestations of Eurasian watermilfoil.