An On-line Version of Aquatic Plant Identification Manual for Washington's Freshwater Plants

Free Floating Plants  


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Free floating plants float in the water column, on the surface of the water, or lie on the bottom. This category includes some of the smallest members of the plant kingdom such as watermeal plants, which look like green specks on the water surface. These plants do not root in the sediment, although some species have roots that dangle in the water. They sometimes form extensive green mats on the water surface. 

Each species listed below is linked to a written description which is in turn linked to photographs and line drawings. 
Azolla mexicana - Mexican Water-fern
Eichhornia crassipes - Water Hyacinth
Lemna minor - Lesser duckweed
Lemna trisulca - Star duckweed
Riccia fluitans - Slender Riccia
Ricciocarpus natans - Purple-fringed Riccia
Spirodela polyrrhiza - Giant Duckweed
Wolffia spp. - Watermeal
Wolffiella gladiata - Mud Midget

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