An On-line Version of an Aquatic Plant Identification Manual for Washington's Freshwater Plants

Shoreline Plants  


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Shoreline plants grow along edges of lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds or on wet ground away from open water. They have at least part of their stems, leaves, and flowers emerging above the water surface and are rooted in the sediments. Some plants that typically grow in deep water may be found along the shoreline in late summer when water levels are low

Each shoreline species listed below is linked to a written description which is in turn linked to photographs and line drawings.  >
Alisma gramineum - Narrowleaf Water-plantain
Alisma triviale - American Water-plantain
Carex spp. - Sedge
Dulichium arundinaceaum - Three-way Sedge
Elatine triandra - Mudwort
Eleocharis acicularis - Needle Spike-rush
Eleocharis parvula - Small Spike-rush
Equisetum fluviatile- Water Horsetail
Gratiola ebracteata - Bractless Hedge-hyssop
Gratiola neglecta - American Hedge-hyssop
Hippuris vulgaris- Common Mare's-tail
Juncus spp. - Rush
Juncus supiniformis - Spreading Rush
Lysimachia thysiflora - Tufted Loosestrife
Lysimachia vulgaris - Garden Loosestrife
Lythrum salicaria - Purple Loosestrife
Marsilea vestita - Pepperwort
Menyanthes trifoliata - Buckbean
Myosotis laxa - Small-flowered Forget-me-not
Myosotis scorpiodes - Common Forget-me-not
Nasturtium officinale - Water Cress
Phalaris arundinacea - Reed Canarygrass
Polygonum amphibium - Water Smartweed
Polygonum hydropiperoides - Waterpepper
Potentilla palustris - Marsh Cinquefoil
Sagittaria cuneata - Duck Potato
Sagittaria latifolia - Duck Potato
Scirpus acutus - Hardstem Bulrush
Scirpus tabernaemontani - Softstem Bulrush
Sparganium angustifolium - Narrow Leaf Bur-reed
Sparganium eurycarpum - Giant Bur-reed

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