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Puget Sound Coordinated Monitoring

Governance Committee

A committee analyzed monitoring programs around the country, then developed and proposed two possible governance models to provide an organizational structure and inclusive decision-making for regional monitoring that is suited to the unique interests and circumstances of the Puget Sound Basin. The committee wrote a Report to the Washington State Legislature with its formal recommendations. An Executive Summary of the report and its recommendations is also available.

The Governance Committee, having produced this report and delivered its recommendations to Ecology; the Puget Sound Partnership; the Washington Forum on Monitoring Salmon Recovery and Watershed Health; the Legislature; and other interested parties, will no longer meet on a regular basis but will meet as needed to provide additional analysis and advice about establishing and implementing an integrated, coordinated monitoring and assessment program for the Puget Sound basin.

Early in the Governance Committee’s discussions, the Puget Sound Partnership accepted the Committee's invitation to work together to address monitoring needs for Puget Sound Ecosystem recovery efforts (Letter from Partnership Executive Director, David Dicks). The support and involvement of federal; tribal; state and local governments; the private sector; academia; and environmental organizations has been critical to the success of this effort.

On May 28, 2009 the Puget Sound Partnership’s Leadership Council decided to move forward with setting up an ecosystem monitoring program at the Puget Sound Partnership. A significant reason for their decision was an AG analysis which determined that the Legislature did not grant the Partnership authority to set up more than one non-profit entity. During their deliberations, the council members deeply probed the issues of greatest concern to the members of the consortium. The council members expressed much appreciation for the Governance Committee's work.

Committee Roster

Status Report to the Puget Sound Science Panel

The Governance Committee’s deliberations on institutional structure options for a coordinated monitoring program were presented to the Puget Sound Science Panel at its meeting on April 15, 2008.

The discussion paper and PowerPoint presentation are available for download.

Governance Committee Meeting Summaries and Agendas

Meeting Summaries Meeting Agendas
Summary of 7/7/09 meeting Agenda for 07/07/09 meeting
Summary of 4/27/09 meeting Draft Agenda for 04/27/09 meeting
Summary of 03/25/09 meeting Revised Agenda for 03/25/09 meeting
Summary of 12/10/08 meeting Agenda for 12/10/08 meeting
Summary of 11/12/08 meeting  
Summary of 10/15/08 meeting Agenda for 10/15/08 meeting
Summary of 09/18/08 meeting Agenda for 9/18/08 meeting
Summary of 8/13/08 meeting Agenda for 8/13/08 meeting
Summary of 7/11/08 subcommittee meeting Agenda for 7/11/08 subcommittee meeting
Summary of 7/09/08 meeting Agenda for 7/09/08 meeting
Summary of 5/09/08 meeting Agenda for 5/09/08 meeting
Summary of 4/09/08 meeting Agenda for 4/09/08 meeting
Summary of 3/13/08 meeting Agenda for 03/13/08 meeting
Summary of 2/12/08 meeting Agenda for 2/12/08 meeting
Summary of 1/10/08 meeting Agenda for 01/10/08 meeting
Summary of 12/05/07 meeting Agenda for 12/05/07 meeting
Summary of 10/03/07 meeting Agenda for 10/03/07 meeting

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