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Puget Sound Coordinated Monitoring


The Stormwater Work Group is developing a sustainable, cooperative stormwater monitoring and assessment framework that provides meaningful management data, promotes greater understanding of stormwater and other surface water pollution source issues, and supports a larger, integrated effort to protect and restore the Puget Sound ecosystem by enabling us to know whether we are reducing harm caused by stormwater and other surface water sources.

The SWG has made formal recommendations and commissioned technical work to launch the Stormwater Assessment and Monitoring Program for Puget Sound (SWAMPPS). Our findings, overall strategy, and recommendations are posted below.

On June 30, 2010 the work group delivered the 2010 Stormwater Monitoring and Assessment Strategy for the Puget Sound Region and key consensus recommendations to the Partnership and Ecology. The 2010 Strategy describes the scientific framework for future monitoring and assessment activities, and an implementation plan for conducting the activities in a coordinated, efficient manner and with standardized methods. The work group continued to work on specific components of the strategy over the summer of 2010. On October 29, 2010 the work group delivered additional Recommendations for Municipal Stormwater Permit Monitoring to Ecology. These recommendations built on the 2010 Strategy. They provided more specificity for establishing a means to administer collective funding and coordination of stormwater monitoring activities, and specify what monitoring activities should be funded and conducted by NPDES municipal stormwater permittees in Puget Sound during the next permit term.

Since 2010, the work group has continued to build on previous recommendations, new findings, and input from ongoing monitoring programs to develop new recommendations and help Ecology implement the new Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program (RSMP) in western Washington.

Having made these recommendations, the work group will continue to work with Ecology and others to ramp up for implementation of the RSMP and SWAMPPS. At the same time, the group has begun  to coordinate efforts with other PSEMP topical work groups.

Working documents and interim meeting materials

Contact Karen Dinicola, Project Manager, at 360-407-6550 for more information.


Last updated June 2016