Source Identification and Diagnostic Monitoring Subgroup

The SWG's Source Identification and Diagnostic Monitoring Subgroup oversees the Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program (RSMP) Source Identification Information Repository (SIDIR) implemented via Special Condition S8.D of the municipal stormwater permits. Contracts and deliverables related to SIDIR are posted at the RSMP webpage.

Subgroup meeting information

Next meeting: TBD in early 2016

December 15, 2015 meeting notes December 15, 2015 agenda

Other Subgroup documents and materials

In recent years, the subgroup posted meeting agendas and notes, along with working documents and other materials, at:

The file(s) posted below, also needed to support ongoing discussions, are too large to post at that site.

SIDIR scoping memo

SIDIR next steps (Monsey et al)

Draft IDDE Field Screening Report (King Co/Herrera)



Contact Karen Dinicola, Project Manager, at 360-407-6550 for more information.


Last updated January 2016