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Puget Sound Coordinated Monitoring

Stormwater Work Group

The Stormwater Work Group (SWG) is a coalition of federal; tribal; state and local governments; business; environmental; agriculture; and research interests that was convened at the request of the Puget Sound Partnership and Department of Ecology to develop a Stormwater Monitoring and Assessment Strategy for the Puget Sound Region. The strategy is intended to provide a coordinated, integrated approach to quantifying the stormwater problem in Puget Sound and to help us efficiently and effectively manage stormwater to reduce harm to the ecosystem.

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Subgroup Work

The work group members have met since October 2008 to identify objectives for monitoring stormwater, to develop an approach to provide needed information about stormwater impacts and the effectiveness of stormwater management actions, and to share results in a way that helps the region make better decisions (Letter from Ecology Director, Jay Manning). A charter and bylaws for the SWG were formally adopted in December 11, 2008. On August 2, 2011, the Steering Committee of the Puget Sound Monitoring Program officially commissioned the Stormwater Work Group as its first topical subgroup.

Visit the SWG subgroup site for more information, working documents, and interim meeting materials.


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Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitorng Program

Next meeting:
September 13, 2017

9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
934 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402

Contact Karen Dinicola at 360-407-6550 for more information.