Control of Toxic Chemicals in Puget Sound
Timeline: Three Phases and SubTasks

Phase 1: Initial Estimate of Toxic Chemical Loadings to Puget Sound Phase 2: Improve Loading Estimates Phase 3 - Targeting Priority Toxic Sources

Phase 3: Targeting Priority Toxic Sources

In Phase 3, Ecology and other partners will collect and analyze environmental samples and improve the numerical model of the Sound with the new data. The results of Phase 3 will enable the Puget Sound Partnership and Ecology to:

1) Assign the risks from toxic chemicals to specific sources.
2) Select and implement actions to clean up and prevent contamination from those sources posing the greatest risks to Puget Sound.

Phase 3 Subtasks:
3A: Toxic Chemical Loadings via Surface Runoff
3B: Modeling Surface Runoff in Two Pilot Watersheds
3C: Evaluate Air Deposition
3D: Toxic Chemicals in Marine Waters and from Ocean Exchange
3E: Numerical Models and Scenarios
3F: Priority Pollutant Scans for POTWs
3G: Primary Sources of Toxic Chemicals
3H: Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCP)
3J: Persistent Organic Pollutants in Three Guilds of Pelagic Marine Species from the Puget Sound
3K: Synthesis Report

Phase 2: Improved Loading Estimates

This phase improved our understanding of toxic chemical loadings into Puget Sound and their movement within the ecosystem. Various parties have conducted the studies identified below, and the Puget Sound Partnership has been coordinating the synthesis of these studies.

Phase 2 Subtasks:
2A: Loadings from Surface Runoff and Roadways
2B: Loadings from Dischargers of Municipal and Industrial Wastewater
2C: Bioaccumulation Model Estimates of Toxics from Sediments
2D: Water Column Data for Puget Sound and its Ocean Boundary
2E: Support for a Human Health Risk Assessment
2F: Numerical Models for Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Puget Sound
2G: Biological Observing System (TBiOS) for Toxics in Puget Sound

Phase 1: Initial Estimate of Toxic Chemical Loadings to Puget Sound

Phase 1 Subtasks:
1A: Initial Toxics Loading Estimates