Reclaimed Water Legislation

On May 11, 2009, Governor Gregoire signed SB 5504, which streamlines the reclaimed water permitting process. It will go into effect July 26, 2009.

Focus on Reclaimed Water - 2009 Request Legislation Focus Sheet

Implementation of Reclaimed Water Use: 2008 Report to the Governor and State Legislature

Recent Legislation

In 2006 and 2007, the Washington State Legislature enacted E2SSB 6117 (2007) with the Governor's Directive and ESHB 2884 (2006). Both bills amended Chapter 90.46 RCW - Reclaimed Water Use.

The 2006 law directed the Department of Ecology (Ecology) to develop and adopt rules on all aspects of reclaimed water use by December 31, 2010. The law also directs Ecology to coordinate with the Department of Health and form a rule advisory committee with a broad range of interested individuals.

In 2007, legislation reaffirmed the commitment to reclaimed water and recognized the importance of the following benefits of reclaimed water use:

Some provisions of the new legislation include:

The Governor also directed Ecology to work with the legislative leadership to address water right impairment (vetoed Sec. 4) and related issues. The governor also directed Ecology to harmonize the implementation of the new reclaimed water planning requirements.

The legislature also provided Capital Budget funding of $5.5 million for initial feasibility and construction of reclaimed water facilities in Puget Sound.

Implementation of Reclaimed Water Use: 2007 Report to the Governor and State Legislature

Legislative Background and History

In 1992 the Washington State Legislature passed the Reclaimed Water Act, Chapter 90.46 RCW, and directed Ecology and the Department of Health to develop standards for reclaimed water use and to jointly administer a reclaimed water program. The Reclaimed Water Act has the following goals:

Reclaimed Water Timeline