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Rule Making

Chapter 173-98 WAC
Uses and Limitations of the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund

Chapter 173-95A WAC
Uses and Limitations of the Centennial Clean Water Program

Advisory Committee

The Rule Advisory Committee is the existing Financial Assistance Council (FAC). The FAC is composed of representatives from:

  • Washington Association of Sewer and Water Districts
  • Puget Sound Partnership
  • EPA Region 10 (two representatives)
  • Washington State Conservation Commission
  • Washington State Association of Counties
  • Washington Association of Conservation Districts
  • Department of Commerce, Public Works Board
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture-Rural Development
  • Association of Washington Cities
  • Department of Health
  • Coalition for Clean Water
  • Nine local entities that may receive financial assistance

The FAC meets at least three times a year and will be responsible for helping develop and for reviewing proposed rule language.

Committee Members

Current FAC roster


Meeting 1: July 21, 2016 / Department of Ecology, Lacey, ROA-32 (directions)

Meeting 2: October 6, 2016 / Department of Ecology, Lacey, ROA 34/36 (directions)

Meeting 3: November 10, 2016 / Department of Ecology, Lacey, ROA 34/36 (directions)

Accessibility (ADA) - To request ADA accommodation for disabilities, call the Water Quality Program at 360-407-6600. Persons with impaired hearing may call Washington Relay Service at 711. Persons with speech disability may call TTY at 877-833-6341.



Chapter 173-98 WAC

Chapter 173-95A WAC

Chapter 90.50A RCW

Chapter 70.146 RCW

Clean Water Act