2001 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington

Because some municipalities may continue to use the 2001 manual for some time, and some development projects are required to use the 2001 manual, Ecology will continue to make the 2001 manual available on-line and on CD. Ecology will not continue to distribute paper copies of the 2001 manual.

Click on the volume(s) you want one at a time and you will go to Ecology's publication page for that volume. On the publication page you will find a category called "Online Availability." The download link is next to the category and is a number followed by ".pdf" (note: right click in the typical Windows environment allows you to choose to save the file, "target," to your computer):

Contact Kim Adams for the 2001 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington on CD.

Additional Information

Herrera Environmental Consultants Cost Analysis Report

Title: COST ANALYSIS - Washington Department of Ecology Year 2001 Minimum Requirements for Stormwater Management in Western Washington. (Click here to view a pdf of report.)

Credits: Report prepared for Washington State Departments of Ecology and Transportation. Funding provided by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

In 1993, Herrera Environmental Consultants prepared a report on the cost of implementing Ecology’s Minimum Requirements for stormwater management, as described in the 1992 Puget Sound Stormwater Manual. This report updates the 1993 analysis, drawing on the examples used in that study. The intent is to compare the difference in cost of complying with the 1992 manual versus Ecology’s 2001 manual. The report also provides information on costs of stormwater control measures required for new single-family residential and commercial developments in western Washington based on the minimum requirements set forth in the 2001 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington.

Letter to Governor from Independent Science Panel

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2012 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington

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