Finding a Lab to Analyze Stormwater Samples

How do I get my samples analyzed?

First, refer to your permit to find out what parameters you need the sample analyzed for, for example: turbidity or oil and grease. 

Next, select a laboratory to do the tests. You must use a lab accredited by Ecology.


Not all labs in this search engine analyze stormwater samples; however most commercial labs will.  You must ask the lab if they will analyze your stormwater samples. 

Work things out with the lab in advance

Call the lab well before you need to sample. They will provide the sampling bottles you will need. Discuss with the lab the analytical methods that will be required. The lab will provide helpful information and explanations that go beyond the scope of this guidance.

What should I ask the lab?

• What type and size of bottle will be supplied for each test?
• What do I need to know about preserving the samples?
• What kind of labels will the lab supply for the bottles?
• How do I fill out the labels, and what kind of pen do I use?
• What forms or other paperwork should I send to the lab with the samples?
• Is there anything specific to know about filling out the forms?
• Will the lab supply litmus paper as well as sample bottles, tags or labels for the bottles, and blank forms?
• How will I get the bottles and other supplies from the lab?
• What are the holding times for these tests?
• How can I get the samples to the lab?

For more information, see Stormwater Sampling Manual: A guide for the Industrial Stormwater General Permit.