2012 Reissuance of Municipal Stormwater Permits: Evaluation of Possible New Permittees and Expanded Coverage Areas

As part of Ecology’s process to reissue the Phase II Municipal Stormwater General Permits in August 2012, Ecology evaluated possible new permittees for coverage.

The federal rule to implement the NPDES program requires that Ecology evaluate possible new permittees for coverage under the NPDES Phase II stormwater municipal permits.

Ecology's permits authorize stormwater discharges to surface water from municipal separate storm sewer systems that are:

Ecology began working in summer 2011 with the following cities that met these population thresholds in the 2010 U.S. Census:

Ecology's evaluation also included the unincorporated Urban Growth Areas (UGA’s) around cities over 10,000 that became permittees in 2007. This is consistent with the UGA’s of all the other Phase II cities, for which permit coverage began in 2007 using the criteria for coverage through petition:

During the 2011-2012 public comment period on the October 2011 draft permits, Ecology received a petition for coverage of the City of Blaine and the Whatcom County unincorporated UGAs of Birch Bay and Blaine. Ecology evaluated these areas for coverage using the petition criteria.

Evaluations Completed

Ecology determined that the following jurisdictions and areas do meet the criteria for coverage and included them as new permittees or areas of expanded coverage in the final permits to become effective on August 1, 2013 (WWA Phase II) and on August 1, 2014 (EWA Phase II) for a five-year permit term:

Ecology is working with these jurisdictions to help them prepare to meet the permit requirements as new permittees or expanded coverage areas.

Ecology completed the evaluations for the jurisdictions and areas below that were either listed as proposed permittees in the October 2011 draft permit or the subject of a petition. The evaluations determined that these areas do not meet the criteria for coverage at this time:

Ecology completed its evaluation of the following jurisdictions in September 2011 and determined that they did not meet the criteria for permit coverage:

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