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Low Impact Development (LID) Trainings for the Building Industry Professionals

Low Impact Development (LID), or Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), requirements for new construction and redevelopment are coming soon in many cities and counties across the state.

These upcoming LID requirements in Ecology’s Municipal Stormwater Permits must be incorporated into local codes and ordinances over the next few years. This will directly impact Washington's building industry and a variety of technical training to a variety of building industry audiences will be needed.

Materials from these trainings are available on Building Industry Association of Washington's
LID website
Ecology's LID Resources page under the
"Build LID" tab.

With this in mind, Ecology is working with the Washington Home Builders Foundation to begin to provide what we are calling "LID 101" information and presentations to building industry professionals around the state. The first series of these trainings occurred in May-June 2013. Ecology recognizes that not all building professionals were reached with this initial effort. However, Ecology hopes to provide more  FREE "LID 101" trainings as well as more audience specific technical LID trainings soon. If you are part of the building industry profession and would like more information regarding LID please contact Jocelyn Jones at 360-407-7529.