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Municipal Stormwater

Low Impact Development (LID) Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Updated! Western Washington LID O&M Guidance Document

This guidance was developed by Herrera Environmental Consultants (Herrera) and the Washington Stormwater Center under a contract with the Washington State Department of Ecology. This document provides guidance on procedures, equipment and materials, skills, and staffing for LID facility maintenance as well as administrative tools and guidance for implementing LID O&M programs.

Note: In the 2012 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington, Volume V, Section 4.6, Ecology refers to grant funding to develop detailed maintenance standards for Bioretention Facilities and Permeable Pavement. This guidance document was created as a result of that grant funding. Ecology recommends that Western Washington Municipal Stormwater Permittees use this LID O&M Guidance Document when adopting maintenance standards for their LID BMPs/facilities.

LID Operations and Maintenance Trainings

In June 2013, eight trainings were held throughout western Washington on the Western Washington LID O&M Guidance Document.

Materials from these trainings are available on our LID Resources page under the
"Maintain LID" tab.

The trainings focused on O&M of bioretention, permeable pavement facilities, and vegetated roofs. The trainings also covered several related topics. Please see the LID O&M Training Agenda for additional information.  The audience for these training included:

  • Crew leads
  • Maintenance managers
  • Local government stormwater planners and engineers
  • NPDES Municipal Stormwater General Permit managers


If you have questions about the LID O&M trainings, e-mail carrie.graul@ecy.wa.gov