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Low Impact Development (LID) Trainings for Compost Manufacturing Businesses & Compost Retail Businesses

In May-June 2013, three trainings and one webinar for compost manufacturing businesses and compost retail businesses were held across Washington state.

Materials from these trainings are available on our LID Resources page under the
"Bid & Supply LID" tab.

These trainings consisted of two presentations of approximately one half hour each. The first half hour covered the basics of Low-Impact Development; the second half hour went into the details of how compost is used in LID and the unique aspects of producing and marketing compost for LID.

LID Toolbox for Compost Manufacturing Businesses
& Compost Retail Businesses


The following resources provide information on Ecology’s Phase I and Phase II permits for both Western and Eastern Washington.

Washington State

Phase I and Phase II NPDES permits for Eastern and Western Washington – schedule and specification highlights

WSDOT Permit Documents and Information

Western Washington

Phase II Western Washington Permit

Eastern Washington

Phase II Eastern Washington Permit

Composting Organizations

The following websites have a wide array of information relevant to composters, including composting resources, advocacy, trainings, meetings, research, and accepted standards.

U.S. Composting Council

The Washington Organic Recycling Council (WORC)

Stormwater Management Manuals

Stormwater manuals provide design guidance. The manuals listed below contain updated standards for stormwater facilities that use bioretention soil media and/or standards for compost used as a soil amendment.

Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington

Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington

Low Impact Development 2012 Technical Guidance Manual for Puget Sound

2011 Yakima Regional Low Impact Development Stormwater Design Manual

Building Soil: Guidelines and Resources for Implementing Soil Quality and Depth BP T5-13

Building Soil: Foundations for Success

WSDOT Highway Runoff Manual Chapter 5: Stormwater Best Management Practices

Compost Amendment Rate, Amount and Cost Calculator and Soil Specs

Useful website with information on soil specs and a calculator for estimating the amount of compost required for soil amendment.

Soils for Salmon

Achieving the Post Construction Soil Standard: King County

King County specific websites with information on soil amendment guideline and another compost amendment calculator.

King County Post Construction Soil Standards

King County Compost Calculator

Quick Reference Guide for Compost Specs

Easy to access concise tables with specifications for soil amendment and bioretention soil mix for both eastern and western Washington.

Example Soil and Compost Specifications for Low Impact Development

Case Studies

A few examples of compost vendors experiences working on LID projects. Successes and lessons learned.

Compost Creation, Supply, and Permitting Flow Charts

Simple flow chart depicting the process for producing compost for LID.

Process for Becoming a U.S. Compost Council - Certified Compost Producer for Stormwater Low Impact Development (LID)

Frequently Asked Questions

Compost FAQ