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Low Impact Development (LID) Briefings for Elected Officials &
other High-Level Land Use Decision Makers

Low Impact Development (LID), or Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), requirements for new construction and redevelopment are coming soon in many cities and counties across the state.

These upcoming LID requirements in Ecology’s Municipal Stormwater Permits must be incorporated into local codes and ordinances over the next few years around Washington State. For that to happen, the LID requirements must be well understood by local elected officials, public works directors, city/county administrators and others with decision making authority on land use and/or stormwater management issues.

The nature of the permit requirements and the integration of LID into local codes and ordinances differ between eastern and western Washington. Consequently, briefings will be held in both Western and Eastern Washington that will reflect local permit requirements.

With this in mind, Ecology has provided funding to host briefings throughout the State to introduce the role that low impact development practices will have in the reissued NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permits. The briefings are intended for elected officials, appointed officials, and management staff (e.g., council members, planning commissioners, city administrators, public works directors, etc.).

Although we've attempted to locate and schedule the briefing so that multiple permitted jurisdictions can attend, Ecology recognizes that not all jurisdictions will be briefed with this schedule. Ecology hopes to provide more briefings (as well as other LID trainings) in the future.


Association of Washington Cities LID Website

  • LID fact sheet and talking points
  • Comprehensive articles on LID
  • Link to LID manual and guidance documents
Also, visit Ecology's LID Resources page under the "Legislate, Integrate, & Plan LID" tab.

The briefing will discuss:

  • Impetus behind the new permit requirements
  • Changes in the newly reissued NPDES stormwater permits related to LID
  • Timeline for various actions by permittees
  • What the new changes will mean for new development in your jurisdiction and the actions that you can take to prepare
  • Training and other resources that are currently available or that Ecology intends to offer

LID Briefings for Local Elected Officials flyer (PDF)

Briefing Schedule

1. City of Puyallup

2. City of Redmond
3. City of Centralia
4. City of Poulsbo
5. Vancouver 
6. Skagit County
7. City of Pullman
8. City of Walla Walla
9. Spokane
10. Whatcom County
11. Cowlitz County
12. City of Kennewick
13. City of Moses Lake

Please note: With additional funding from the Legislature, Ecology intends to provide more briefings (as well as other LID trainings) in the future. Please check back here or at our main LID Training webpage.

       For questions about these briefings please contact Wayne Carlson at 206.267.2425.