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Low Impact Development (LID) Trainings

Photo of a site that was developed with Low Impact practices

Ecology is now offering Low Impact Development Training statewide. Trainings are available at three levels – Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced - and cover multiple LID topics.

New municipal stormwater permits issued by the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) now require jurisdictions to use Low Impact Development (LID) for new developments and redevelopment unless site conditions are prohibitive.

Public and private sector stormwater professionals working in a variety of fields related to development will need additional training to meet Ecology’s new LID requirements. Although numerous LID training programs exist in Washington, the new requirements are expected to result in an increase in training demand that will likely exceed current training provider capacity.

FREE Low Impact Development Trainings

Ecology received initial funding from the Legislature to provide FREE LID trainings. To accomplish this Ecology contracted out with several vendors to begin providing Introductory Low Impact Development trainings to several different audiences around the state. The audiences listed below are those we provided trainings to at this point.

Ecology has received additional funding from the Legislature and plans to provide additional free LID trainings soon.

Compost Manufacturing & Retailers

Information on past LID Trainings & LID Toolbox

Landscapers & Nurseries

Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP)

Washington Nursery and Landscape Association (WSNLA)


Information on past LID Realtors Workshops

Building Industry Professionals

Information on past Building Industry Trainings

Briefings for Elected Officials and other planning & land use decision makers

Information on past LID Briefings

Operations & Maintenance Crew Leads, Maintenance Managers Local government stormwater planners & engineers, Municipal Stormwater Permit Managers

Western Washington LID O&M Guidance Document and information on past LID Operations & Maintenance Trainings

Ecology's LID Resources Webpage

Ecology has assembled a variety of LID resources - presentations, fact sheets, videos, reports, manuals, webpage links - and presents them all on Ecology's LID Resources webpage. A majority of the resources listed on Ecology's LID Resources Webpage were developed as part of the training materials for the above audiences.

LID Training Steering Committee

In June 2012, Ecology formed an LID Training Steering Committee (LID-SC) to advise and assist Ecology in our efforts to prepare the state for the upcoming requirements.

The LID-SC advised Ecology to work with the Washington Stormwater Center to develop and Statewide LID Training Needs Assessment and a Statewide Low Impact Development Training Plan. Additionally, the LID-SC identified some immediate needs that could be addressed in the first year and several audiences were selected for some initial high-level outreach, education, and training.

Ecology issued Requests for Proposals and contracted with 6 vendors to develop, deliver, and evaluate a variety of audience-centered FREE trainings, briefings, electronic and hard copy materials, WebPages, and videos designed specifically for each unique audience.  Check out the LID Resources webpage for materials created under these initial LID trainings.

In addition, Ecology leveraged three existing grants for LID related trainings in Puget Sound and Eastern Washington and gave additional funding to these so they could expand the training already happening in order to reach for people in more locations.

If you have any questions about the LID Steering Committee or the upcoming training opportunities, please contact Derek Day at derek.day@ecy.wa.gov | (360) 407-7612.

To keep up-to-date on Ecology LID trainings and information, sign up for the Ecology LID listserv.


Training (Stormwater Center)



Training Plan

O&M Guidance for Western Washington